Meet Alexandre Hawari, the Chief Executive Officer of Akama Holding, a prominent media holding group in the UAE. With its establishment in 2020, Akama Holding quickly rose to prominence as one of the region’s largest, most successful, and influential privately-held media holding group.

Prior to leading Akama Holding, Alexandre served as the co-CEO of Mediaquest Investment Holding and Mediaquest, alongside his brother, they oversaw a team of over 200 employees, driving innovation and growth in the media industry.

Beyond his roles in media, Alexandre is also a pioneer in the investment world. He has founded a syndicate of leading ad and data tech investors, specializing in sectors such as identity and privacy, AdTech, MarTech, AI, blockchain, and technology.

Through an industry-focused fund, Alexandre has actively invested in companies at the forefront of technological innovation, shaping the future of advertising and data technology.